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Saturday, December 27, 2008


Hello all!  Christmas is over and folks all over the world are playing with or "moving into" their new cellphones.  My daughter and wife are no exception.  My daughter discovered how to make 15 second ringtones using iTunes and the "Get Info" dialog to shorten the song and then convert it to a 112 bit MP3 file for uploading to her phone.  It was pretty impressive, but not nearly loud enough for someone like me.  I often don't hear my phone in noisy environments.  Calls go unaswered (which isn't always a bad thing) and people look at me like I'm nuts (which I am).  If I'm focused, I simply don't notice sometimes.  That's why I tend to try and find LOUD and obnoxious ringtones that are hard to ignore.  Yesterday, after some experimentation, I was able to combine sound effects using Audacity and manipulated them into some pretty loud and obnoxious ringtones.  The way in which I applied some of them to my phone is quite humorous.  There are certain people in my contact list (you have them too...admit it) who I would like some prior warning before I answer the phone.  I made several ringtones that centered around a theme of alerts, alarms, and sirens.  For example, one particular contact is assigned an "air raid siren" to warn me of a potential "verbal" attack.  ;-)  I've done many ringtones, but at this point I'm sharing my loud and obnoxious ones.  If you all like them....I'll do more!  I've found some great sources of sound effects and the like.  I've gotten the creation process down pat...I'll make more if you want them.  Leave me some suggestions in the comments.

To download some great LOUD and obnoxious ringtones...Click HERE


Anonymous,  January 7, 2009 at 12:14 PM  

Most of ringtones are made without even basic knowledge of audio. That is why most of them are not loud. You can try this online editor, it does the thing right.

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