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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eureka! Picasa for the Mac has arrived!

I've long been a big fan of Picasa.  Picasa is Google's awesome photo management and editing software.  I've actually grown to prefer it over Apple's iPhoto as iPhoto doesn't organize (at the folder level) the files quite as nicely as Picasa does.  The newer versions of Picasa for the PC (especially 3.0) have really added some neat features.  I really like the ability to upload photos to many of the popular photo services.  I actually use the Walmart one all the time.  Put the card in the computer, import the photos, touch 'em up a little, upload to the Walmart service by clicking a simple button and pick the finished photo or card up at my local Walmart!  There's tons of other services and features too!  I usually recommend that folks not install any of the common bloatware that comes with their digital camera as I've yet to run into a camera that Picasa doesn't recognize.  Excellent software....FREE...and available for the Mac!  (as well as Linux and Windows!)  Check it out today!

Picasa for Mac: Free download from Google


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