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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Create awesome fake miniature photos with Tiltshift Maker!

Ever seen those really cool photos where someone makes a landscape or city-scape scene and changes it into a photo that looks like it was taken from a model train set?  Tilt-shift style miniature photos are simply photos of real life scenes that are made to look like miniature scale models.

This is done using either a special camera lens (one with tilt capability), or with software, instead of a special lens. These photos are sometimes called "fake" miniatures, because they are pictures of real-life scenes.

Now...if you're not a hardcore photographer, but you'd like to turn some of your photos into "tilt-shift" can do so with "Tiltshift Maker"!  Tiltshift Maker is an easy to use web site where you can quickly upload a photo and change it into a tilt-shift or "fake" miniature photo.  Check out "Tiltshift Maker" and start creating some really cool images!

For more information on tilt-shift photography, see the Wikipedia article Tilt-shift photography.

Check out some of my samples below!
Portland Maine waterfront

Small fishing village in Prince Edward Island

Portland Headlight Portland Maine
TiltShiftMaker - Create your tilt-shift picture


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