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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DoubleTwist for Android!

Ok...this is awesome!  If you're like me, sometimes your Android smartphone also doubles as a portable music player.  When I don't have an iPod nearby, I use my phone.  In fact, lately I've been using my Verizon Fascinate (Samsung Galaxy S) as my primary entertainment center.  I play music, movies, and games to pass the time (not that I have much).  I recently decided that my playlists on my Fascinate were getting a tad stale and needed to put some new tunes on my SD card.  Lo' and behold, the most recent update messed with my ability to mount my SD card in my phone via USB to my MacBook Pro.  Granted...I could've gotten out my Windows machine or even a card reader and taken care of it that way, but this wasn't easy enough for me.  So, rather than take 5 or 10 minutes to grab one of the methods listed previously, I spent the better part of an hour researching and installing an even better method.  I had remembered an article from which featured a product that I'd heard of before...DoubleTwist.  DoubleTwist is kinda' like an alternative front end for iTunes on your Mac or PC.  DoubleTwist is also an awesome media player for Android.  The fine folks at DoubleTwist have also put together a slick app called AirSync which enables an Android phone to sync music with a Mac or PC running DoubleTwist.  Did I mention that this was all WITHOUT wires?  Yup!  Wireless sync for your tunes, pics, and videos!  I especially love the feature to import iTunes playlists.  I simply go into iTunes, create my playlists that I want to put on my phone and then use DoubleTwist to sync to my phone via Wifi!  Having such a slick solution to my music loading dilemma has made it so much easier for me to change up the music on my phone.  Another neat feature is the two way syncing.  I often will purchase new music from Amazon using Amazon's MP3 app on my phone.  I'm able to use DoubleTwist to sync my new music to my laptop.

Use the QR code above to grab AirSync
DoubleTwist is free for Android via the Market and also free for your Mac or PC from the DoubleTwist web site.  AirSync (also a DoubleTwist product...essentially a plug-in) is a $4.99 upgrade from the Android Market and well worth the money in my opinion.  You can sync with DoubleTwist via USB, but AirSync makes it all easy and wireless!  Check it out!


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